Laser cutting from Lasers Unlimited has quickly become recognized as a more accurate, flexible solution that outperforms traditional die cutting methods in several ways. This non-contact process eliminates the need for hard tooling and is a fast, clean, cost-effective production solution which maintains an exceptional standard of quality. Laser cutting  is especially ideal for applications with feature locations, tolerances, size, or material characteristics that would typically be difficult or impossible to process using a traditional die.


Other Benefits

  • Unlimited cutting paths
  • Non-contact processing
  • Fast changeover and process on-the-fly
  • No tool wear or consumables
  • Increased accuracy with the ability to hold tighter tolerances
  • Suitable for both roll and sheet-fed materials
  • Capable of achieving more intricate, complex designs
  • Lead times, costs, and storage associated with dies are eliminated
  • Design changes can be made quickly without lengthening timeline